Media Measurement

Custom Media Measurement Solutions – Relevant, Accurate & Actionable

An ongoing media measurement solution, that is both meaningful and accurate, is an integral component of an efficient and strategic external communications program. Evaluating and understanding the impact that campaigns and initiatives, industry events and issues, and competitive visibility and positioning have on your brand reputation equips you with the insight to make more informed decisions and direct resources in the most effective manner.

At Symscio, we specialize in delivering customized media content analysis solutions for traditional and social media. Each of our measurement programs is tailored to your unique communications environment and conducted using human analysts to ensure that your data is relevant and accurate. Our approach and expertise gives you a partner that you can rely on for the answers and insight you demand to maximize your investment and advance your PR strategies.


Benefits of implementing an ongoing media measurement program:

  • Stay attuned to the developing trends in your media visibility and positioning to help build and protect your brand reputation
  • Recognize opportunities and threats from the onset in order to respond promptly and accordingly
  • Identify which attributes are favorably and unfavorably associated with your brand and your competitors’ brands
  • Discover who is shaping the discussions impacting your industry and brand positioning
  • Confidently stand behind the outcomes and successes of your communication efforts and campaigns
  • Establish meaningful benchmarks to gauge the impact of current campaigns and events


Benefits of Symscio’s media content analysis solution:

  • We utilize the human advantage to deliver accurate metrics and support you with a knowledgeable and responsive Account Executive to make your investment work for you
  • Gain access to customized PR measurement dashboards, giving you near-time metrics with full data transparency so that you can trust your results to make timely and informed decisions
  • Take ownership of your measurement program to secure historical data and protect against potential agency bias
  • Ability to integrate external data, such as sales inquiries, website traffic and brand perception data, to examine and understand the impact of PR efforts on organizational outcomes
  • Ability to start slow and ramp up your measurement program as you implement new strategies